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June 17, 2011

How did you meet each other?

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Run running all the time

Running to the future

With you right by my side…

His name is Arief.  People keep asking me where I first met him. Well. I didn’t meet him quite honestly. I found him.

7 years ago back in 2004;  I visited a company in Balikpapan for business purpose. That particular day, I had meeting with few people at their Jl. Minyak office. The meeting lasted for an hour or so. I was with a colleague from Jakarta and it was a “tek-tok” visit to Balikpapan as we like to call it. Meaning we have to catch the first flight and return in the afternoon or evening, or even last flight if we’re no- so-lucky.

Our flight back to Jakarta was scheduled at 3 pm. Just before we headed to airport I feel the urge to use the rest room. And I did. The company we were visiting is a bona fide company. It has a good reputation, a typical oil company where lots of people want to be part of. Sadly their office isn’t as impressive as their image. I vividly remember, it’s an old building with terrible layout. First time visitors will easily get lost in the labyrinth of aisles and confusing stairs. That… I can guarantee :D. The toilet is nothing fancy but it’s clean and it provides everything that we need: tissue, jet washer, except for functioning door lock! *please read with heavy dose of sarcasm*.

And the drama begins. I tried to open the door, but it didn’t work. I’ve tried several times before a voice in my brain said “okay this is it. This is the time when you should start to panic”. I was panicking. So I phone my colleague and asked him to get a help. 5 minutes later help came. And they came in battalions.

From inside the tiny toilet i could hear loud chatter and laughter had filled every inch of the rest room. Until a voice, a brave masculine voice –that later on life I will very much love to hear it each and every day– told me to turn the door knob to the left. So I turned it. Nothing happened. Then he said, “Ok, stop turning it” and that man tried to do something with the door lock using -probably a screw. A minute later he said “now turn it to the right”, so I turned it to the right. Again, no good news. Apparently this guy, the knight in shining armor with engineering degree, is tired of trying so he said “sorry, it looks like the lock cannot be……………blablabla  I was so upset and couldn’t be bothered to listen to the rest of the sentence, my ears automatically shut its hearing-ability. Long story short, I was able to get out of the toilet by climbing the tank, after I took off my ankle boots. With few scratches in my upper hands as a ‘souvenir’ and laughed at by the “audience”.

So yeah… that’s how we first met :). And how we fell in love with each other is another story 😉

One fine night at The Beach House


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